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The leadership crisis at Vontobel erupted openly

The leadership crisis at Vontobel erupted openly

Vontobel Bank, Zurich’s financial pearl, has run into difficulties. The board of directors is responsible.

He disgraced CEO Zeno Stop and delayed choosing a successor for several months.

The consequences can be seen in the course. Vontobel shares, a long-time favorite among Swiss financial stocks, are losing value almost every day.

The red lantern of a successful investment house (Field)

Not long ago at 70 francs, the title is now approaching the 50 francs mark. While UBS, EFG and Bär are rising, Vontobel is losing more and more ground.

Now things are getting hectic internally. The team asks louder and louder: What are you actually doing there?

This means the board of directors. He has to find a successor to long-term CEO Staub. The dust itself comes out of the dust.

Because the real leader of Vontobel, Hans-Dieter Vontobel, did not want to be elected president.

This is the real reason for this Sudden resignation announcement From the spring, not a shift to politics, according to one of the participants.

Staub is running for the Center’s National Council.

Felix Lienhard also jumps off the plane in dust. This means that Family Bank has been losing its two main operating strengths over the past 20 years.

For nearly four months, Vontobel’s bankers and shareholders have been wondering who would follow in the late Staub’s footsteps.

These days the board of directors can Christelle Rendo Lift onto the shield. The head of the main asset management department, caught in a mess, is a faithful professional with good behavior.

A Vontobel spokesman did not want to say anything about what insiders said was an impending election, citing the regulations.

Silence fuels trench warfare.

It ended up where Zeno wanted it to go: a. Otterman, President (Vontobel)

Supporters stand for George Schubiger Strong, whose private banking services gained momentum thanks to the Ortenstein acquisition.

Ultimately it belongs to the CFO Thomas Hanzel To your inner circle of favorites. The name of CS banker, Katherine Wehrle, has recently come up.

Your choice will be surprising.

The Vontobel Board of Directors does what Hans-Dieter Vontobel tells it to do. the President of the Vontobel Foundation certainly. The two young representatives from different family clans are not decisive in the match.

Only the gods know why “Old Man” Vontobel, father of the legendary Hans Vontobel, did not want Zeno Staub to become chairman of the board.

“Zeno Stop seems to have seized power very boldly,” said an insider. “Hans Dieter was not well received at all.”

Andreas Ottermann, Allianz’s German-English director, has been elevated to the presidential throne.

Now Unterman has to sort things out with the CEO. time is running out.