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Customer is upset about aluminum curd caps

Customer is upset about aluminum curd caps

A customer criticizes Dinner for its low-fat Quark packaging. But the company offering the discount sees benefits for the environment, and it's not alone in its choice.

One customer was upset about the aluminum cap for Low Fat Quark – because the package could not be sealed again. – Screenshot X/@OBuerge

The basics in a nutshell

  • Dinner has switched from PET lids to aluminum lids for its low-fat quark – for environmental reasons.
  • A customer complains about an aluminum lid at a discount store that won't close.
  • But only Coop continues to use plastic covers to pack quarks.

Dinner's Packaging Problem: A Swiss discount store customer is upset by low-fat quark decorations.

For this reason there is no need for resealable containers.

One X user complains about Quark Diner. – Screenshot X/@OBuerge

“For environmental reasons, this product has recently been changed from a PET lid to an aluminum lid,” Denner spokesman Thomas Cadderly confirms to The new lids make environmental sense “because they require less packaging material and are more recyclable.”

Dinner's other dairy products were also affected by the change.

This was said to have been worth it for the discounter: “With Denner-Yoghurt Nature, for example, by eliminating the plastic cover, a saving of 3.2 tons of plastic per year can be achieved.”

Kaderli emphasizes that packaging should always be a balance between environmental aspects and ease of use. Diner received “individual comments that were in the same vein” as the customer's comments on X.

Diener received individual comments

So the packaging can be modified again soon. “We are checking with the supplier about changing the 500g low-fat quark filling to round cups.” Reusable silicone lids are available for these purposes. “If the content is not processed in one go,” Qadirli says.

In addition to Denner, Migros, Lidl and Aldi also rely on the non-locking aluminum lid. For the same reasons.

“The additional double plastic lid will only lead to unnecessary high plastic consumption,” says Lidl spokeswoman Vanessa Meirelles. If a 500g packet is too big for you, you can opt for the organic version with just 250g.

Aldi Swiss: “Don't despair”

An Aldi spokesperson says: “It's not a new discovery that you can't stick open aluminum lids back onto quark or yoghurt cups.” This means that the cover is no longer able to perform its “original protective function”.

“If you don't want to eat all the quark at once, don't despair,” Aldi says. It also refers to reusable silicone lids.

Opinion poll

Is resealable packaging with aluminum lids annoying?

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They are regularly offered as temporarily available promotional items. “In different colors and sizes,” says the Swiss branch of the German discount store.

The barn is maintained with plastic covers

If you want a resealable quark package, you have to go to the Coop. The plastic cover has not been replaced with aluminum.

“We are currently committed to this packaging,” says spokesperson Kevin Blattler. “There are currently no modifications planned for such items.” Coop has not received any feedback from customers recently.