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That is why nine Swiss Army planes flew over the Allgäu River

That is why nine Swiss Army planes flew over the Allgäu River

Several Swiss Army planes flew over the Allgäu region on Tuesday. But the reason was not military.

Nine Swiss Army machines could be seen in the skies over Allgäu on Tuesday afternoon. However, only the nine PC-7s flew over Allgäu. The planes were on their way back to Switzerland after being invited to the Czech Republic.

The Swiss Air Force aerobatic team flies from the Czech Republic back to Switzerland

There was a flight display by the Swiss Army’s PC-7 Flying Squadron there on Saturday and Sunday. Team PC-7 is an aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force. The nine pilots on the PC-7 team are actually full-time fighter jet pilots. They only do air shows on the side or for training. The Swiss Air Force showcases its skills in a video clip:

Due to bad weather: return flight via Allgäu on Tuesday

As the Swiss Air Force press spokesman explained, the plane’s return flight was already scheduled for Monday. However, due to bad weather conditions, the nine planes were forced to land in Salzburg and spend the night there before continuing the flight to Switzerland on Tuesday. A Swiss Air Force press spokesman said: “All nine aircraft flew directly next to each other from Salzburg, over the Allgau River back to Dübendorf in Switzerland. From Füssen, the red and white aircraft continued on to Firtach, Sonthofen, Oberstofen and Lindau to Switzerland.

Pilatus PC-7 training aircraft of the Swiss Air Force bearing registration A-933. The aircraft belongs to the PC-7 Aerobatic Team.

Imago/Björn Trotsky

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