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Fraud Filter Label – Co-op Confused With Environmental Rating – Espresso Cash Register Collapse

Fraud Filter Label – Co-op Confused With Environmental Rating – Espresso Cash Register Collapse


The retailer sells unhealthy chips with a higher “A+” rating. Risk of confusion with Nutri-Score rating.

Flakes marked with a green A, i.e. Nutri-Score rated for healthy, balanced eating. Too good to be true. In fact, the award for Coop Naturaplan’s organic chips is not a nutraceutical score, but an environmental score. This shows how environmentally friendly food is, from production to consumption. So far, so good.


Coop’s Nutri-Score (left) and Eco-Score (right) look very similar.


Confusingly similar

Graphically, Eco-Score resembles the popular Nutri-Score like no other. The federal government recommends that food manufacturers use Nutri-Score to get quick information about a food’s balance. As expected, chips perform poorly under this criterion, not least because of the high fat content. However, Coop does not print this Nutri-Score rating on the foil package.

Based on the name, it is clear that Eco-Score refers to the environment while Nutri-Score refers to nutrition.

Regarding the accusation of deception, Coop wrote: “Based on the name, it is clear that the Eco-Score refers to the environment, while the Nutri-Score refers to nutrition.”

It doesn’t work at all!

Several Coop clients reported to the general editorial office of “Kassenrutsch/Espresso”. To them, Eco- and Nutri-Score look deceptively similar. Specifically, they noted that biscuits and croissants received the highest ratings. “It doesn’t work at all,” says one viewer.

The difference between Bio-Bud and Eco-Score

Sprout Organic and other organic labels focus on agricultural production and processing method. It is a victory for organic farming. In contrast, an environmental score: provides information about environmental impacts such as carbon dioxide emissions or water consumption, from production to consumption. Transportation and refrigeration are also taken into account.

Is there also poor eco-grade organic?

According to Coop, this is the case with “very few products.” One example is organic pangasius fillets.