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The fact of parting with Laura Maria Ripa is very sad

The fact of parting with Laura Maria Ripa is very sad

“I met a broken woman on the inside.”

The reason for the constant ups and downs? Our differences were very intense. It’s practically from the life I used to live. Party, Work, Club! While I was always home dad. Of course I also met women, but I don’t want all this noise. This was the cause of disagreements. She was always out, I was home.”Follow the DSDS juror. However, the subject was one of the biggest points of contention trustbecause when Pietro and Laura met, the 27-year-old had just gotten out of a relationship, while the musician was single after splitting from Sarah Engels:

When I met Laura at the time, neither of us had a relationship up front. But over time, I realized that I had already met a woman which was broken from the inside She was totally disappointed. This was also the cause of the on/off themes.

According to Pietro Lombardi, his current fiancée simply had overwhelming fears of commitment: “There was probably such confusion and fear in her head. Someone always has to suffer. In this case it was me. I tried to give her everything. But then don’t take it that way. Not because you don’t want to, but because you’re just afraid.