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Caviar, lobster and filet mignon. Schuhbeck’s farewell list in front of the prison.

On New Year’s Eve, star chef Alphonse Schubeck conjures up one last, exclusive dinner menu for his guests before he is forced to go to prison for tax evasion.

Alphonse Schubek is an expert in stage cooking. As such, he now wants to say goodbye to his daily life as a restaurateur before he has to go to jail for three years and two months.

Only the best ingredients are on the New Year’s Eve menu, like tuna tartare with caviar, king prawn ravioli, filet mignon, and a chocolate nougat dessert to complete it. According to “Bild”, this is how Schuhbeck’s dinner is served on New Year’s Eve 2022 at his restaurant “Südtiroler Stuben”. The cost of the five courses is 195 euros.

Then it was time to turn out the lights at the restaurant he’s run for 19 years.

Alphonse Schohbeck replied

The 73-year-old chef wouldn’t go to jail without a fight. His lawyers appealed the verdict at the last minute. And he suffered defeat.

According to the court, the owner of the famous restaurant smuggled about 2.3 million euros through the tax authorities. At the end of October 2022, he was sentenced to three years and two months in prison.