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Tesla shows the Cybertruck testing on the Baja road >

Tesla shows the Cybertruck testing on the Baja road >

picture: @Tesla

About six months after the Cybertruck was shown, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the electric pickup should “also win in Baja,” that is, in an off-road race held annually on the desert peninsula of Baja California, which is part of Mexico. . That was in April 2020, when the Tesla pickup was still expected to be delivered at the end of 2021. It’s still not in series production. But Tesla has now sent two of its Cybertrucks on the long Baja trip for testing and showed off part of them in a live video on X.

Cybertruck is accompanied by a combustion engine

It was filmed from the back of the two pickup trucks. A satellite Internet station is installed on it for transmission via the Starlink service from the space company SpaceX, which Musk owns, as the passenger explains. Aside from the racing seats and extra safety equipment, both Cybertrucks run like they came from the factory. They are referred to as “candidates for release.” On the back of the front you can see its abbreviation RC in large size, and on the sides of both Cybertruck is written in large graffiti style.

Starting out in San Diego, California, this little caravan had already covered about 1,200 miles at the time of the live broadcast, more than the official Baja mileage of 1,000 miles, according to the co-driver. According to observers on site There were two other vehicles not shown in the Tesla video: two conventional pickup trucks, one of which contained a trailer with, among other things, spare tires and two generators.

If necessary, the team could have generated electricity themselves for the long off-road trip, but according to the passenger, Tesla’s network of destination chargers was sufficient for charging. Hotels along the entire Baja route are equipped with this so that anyone can drive on the same route in one of the company’s electric cars. However, with models other than the Cybertruck, this can be difficult due to poor or sometimes non-existent roads on the peninsula.

Tesla trucks without problems on rough roads

According to the information contained in the video, there were no serious problems during the driving test, which lasted about a week. The rider only mentions two flat tires and describes the Cybertruck as “hardcore,” a lot of fun, and extremely durable. You can drive it on regular roads (Tesla hasn’t officially shown it yet, but it’s been photographed several times by curious people) and then switch to off-road mode thanks to the air suspension and active dampers. The official Baja race starts in mid-November this year. If Tesla moves quickly with the Cybertruck, the first private owners could still participate.