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Telecommunications – China: Criticism of the planned smartphone test by the USA – Economy

Telecommunications – China: Criticism of the planned smartphone test by the USA – Economy

Beijing (AFP) – China has criticized the investigation conducted by US authorities into a new mobile phone from the Chinese group Huawei, as it wants to examine its components for possible sanctions violations.

“We have always opposed the politicization of trade and technology issues and the use of state power to unjustifiably suppress Chinese companies,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said in Beijing. According to Bloomberg News, the test is based on Washington’s concerns that China may be further ahead in developing chips than expected despite current sanctions.

Bloomberg had previously reported that the US Department of Commerce was looking into an advanced chip said to be seven nanometers in size that was manufactured in China. Huawei, based in southern China, and Chinese chip maker SMIC are affected by US sanctions. Washington is trying to prevent key technologies and knowledge from being transferred to the Middle Kingdom. According to Bloomberg, this now raises the question of how China was able to get this far in chip development without these additions and whether the sanctions still have the desired effect.

“I would like to emphasize that sanctions, containment and repression will not stop China’s development, but will only strengthen China’s determination and ability to self-reliance and scientific and technological innovation,” Mao said on Friday.

South Korean chip manufacturer SK Hynix had previously checked the new Huawei Mate 60 Pro smartphone to see if its products were installed in it. The company stated that it will no longer provide Huawei with memory chips. “SK Hynix has not done any business with the company since the US imposed restrictions on Huawei,” it said in a statement. Regarding the issue of the chips being installed in the Huawei device, “We have begun investigation to find out more details.”

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