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That general meeting was 2024

That general meeting was 2024

About 410 members of the cooperative accepted the invitation and gathered for this year's general meeting of Raiffeisenbank Kiesental in Ilfishalle in Langnau iE

Decisions and elections

The members of the cooperative expressed their strong satisfaction with the annual results presented by the Board of Directors and the bank’s management. The decisions were approved as well as the proposed revision of the statute with clear results. After long-time board member Thomas Enderwelde said goodbye, the entire board was chaired by Dr. Peter Burkhalter up for re-election to another term. Members of the cooperative confirmed the Board of Directors' proposed composition for the next four years. Ernst & Young was also re-elected by voters as auditors for another three-year term.

Supportive programme

Given the sporting location in the SCL Tigers' home base, Rainer Maria Salzgeber presumably welcomed the cooperative members in attendance. However, it was soon revealed that this was a parody by impersonator Peter von Krohn. After a successful entry into the general meeting, Peter von Krohn interviewed outgoing board member Thomas Enderwelde about his future plans and presented part of his theatrical program at the end of the meeting. It caused a lot of laughter. The event was musically accompanied by the formation of Bleachabella. The evening concluded with a delicious dinner together. The opportunity to maintain a personal network as well as exchange with all staff and the Board of Directors was much appreciated and actively used.

2025 forecast

Raiffeisenbank Kiesental celebrates the year 2025 and will celebrate this with various events for customers and members of the cooperative. More information about events and registration options will be provided in late fall of 2024.

[i] About Raiffeisenbank Kiesental: Raiffeisenbank Kiesental is part of the Raiffeisen Bank Group. It is one of the most important financial services providers in the region. The bank employs 36 employees, 3 of whom are trainees. As of December 31, 2023, the bank had total assets of 880 million and looked after approximately 16,500 clients. Of these, 10,600 are cooperative members and thus bank owners.