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Security problem?  Tesla's Wheel Broke: "What if it happened on the Autobahn?"  - News

Security problem? Tesla’s Wheel Broke: “What if it happened on the Autobahn?” – News


The rear wheel of a Tesla gets stuck while driving. Tesla doesn’t want to know anything about the physical defects.

A lucky espresso listener was in disguise when he was recently on the road with a Tesla S. He was about to drive to Zurich Airport with his wife and two children when there was a bang in the street in the neighborhood. “My son told me I ran over a rock. But there were no stones far and wide on the road.” After that, I drove the “sponge” car, the listener recalls. “When I got out, I saw that the rear wheel had simply snapped off. I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if it had happened on the highway.”

In such an expensive car with multiple cameras and security systems, it can’t happen that a wheel breaks while driving!

The “espresso” listener paid about 100,000 francs for a 6-year-old Tesla S: “A wheel in such an expensive car with so many cameras and security systems can’t be broken while driving,” he said to the listener’s surprise.

Shortly thereafter, another Tesla driver reports to the “Espresso” editorial team with a similar experience. A Tesla S car broke off while driving. Fortunately not on the highway, but only five minutes away. An auto expert from his insurance company checked the car and found that the wishbone was broken. This may indicate a manufacturing error.

The wishbone is part of the wheel suspension and connects the body to the wheel. “It is subjected to very high forces and is usually made of aluminum,” says Reto Blazer, managing director of the Association of Independent Vehicle Experts (VFFS). In his career, he has never experienced a broken collarbone in a car.

Tesla S recalled in China due to joystick problems

An assessment by TÜV Germany also shows that accidents may be a material or production defect. TÜV is the German equivalent of the Swiss automobile inspection. The Tesla S ended up last place among all the electric cars examined. Among other things, this was due to problems with the wishbone. In addition, according to a report by Reuters news agency, Tesla had to recall about 30,000 Tesla S cars in China at the request of the authorities due to problems with its wishbone.

Tesla car owner with 6000 francs damage

The experience of a broken wheel leaves a Tesla owner with a bad feeling. In his case, too, his wishbone was broken. Then he replaced all of his wishbone: “If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t feel safe anymore.” Cost: about 12,000 francs. Half of that was paid by the insurance company, and he had to pay himself the remaining 6,000 francs. When he complained to Tesla, they briefly said they would not contribute to the repair costs because the warranty period had expired.

Does Tesla have a security issue? “Espresso” would have liked to have received an answer from Tesla. However, the company did not respond to inquiries.