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Chocolate storm in Türkiye – the Swiss are confused

Chocolate storm in Türkiye – the Swiss are confused

Turkish company Migros has been criticized for working with a company that frequently makes negative headlines. Recently due to mold.

This moldy chocolate caused a shitstorm for the Turkish company Migros that reached Switzerland. – LinkedIn/Israa Yu.

The basics in a nutshell

  • A Turkish chocolate manufacturing company is said to be selling moldy chocolate.
  • Turkish company Migros is working with him – and making a big splash because of it.
  • This causes confusion in Switzerland.

Turkish ship Migros is suffering from a rot storm. The risk of mixing up names is very high – and this has led to criticism spilling over into Switzerland.

The Swiss company Migros previously had a subsidiary in Istanbul, which became independent in the 1970s. Migros Ticaret, as the former subsidiary was called, is now available throughout Türkiye.

This is now being criticized. Because: It sells chocolates from Patiswiss, a Turkish chocolate company that has recently found itself in negative headlines several times.

On the one hand, she was said to have fired employees because they were members of a union. On the other hand, due to customer anger on social media over Patiswiss selling moldy chocolate. Chocolatier Elif Asli Yildiz Tunaoglu threatens her because of this.

The head of the Turkish chocolate company threatens customers

Tunaoglu publicly writes to the client: “In front of you is the giant Migros and we are in front of you. Everyone stands strongly behind the product! good luck. Our lawyers will contact you, but I would like to manage my affairs myself…”

It also claims that its products “never rot.” Instead, a woman should check the humidity in her home. According to Turkish media, the director quickly deleted the text.

This post continues to cause outrage on the Internet. The wave of criticism has now reached the Swiss company Migros. Because almost identical names and logos cause confusion. Man annoyed by X: “Migros should definitely remove products from such arrogant companies from their range.” In his post, he links, among other things, the Swiss company Migros.

She is now defending herself against this confusion.

Confused customers complain to Swiss Migros

A spokesperson says: “Migros has no relationship with the Turkish company of the same name.” It also does not deal with the Turkish candy manufacturer.

However, there is a second Swiss company unjustifiably linked to the scandal: there is also a chocolate company called Patiswiss in Gunzgen SO.

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Yes, I knew that the Swiss Migros family once had a daughter there.


The company is being contacted by various parties regarding the hype surrounding Patiswiss Cicolata from Ankara, it is said upon request. “There are no business relations with the Turkish company Patisuisse Chocolate.”

However, Swiss restaurant Patiswiss has not only been known by its Turkish name since the mold scandal. On the contrary: “Patiswiss AG Switzerland has already taken trademark actions against Patiswiss Chocolate several times.”

The Swiss company Patiswiss also had to contend with its Turkish name. – Bateswiss AG

The many negative headlines have now had consequences for the Turkish chocolate company. She had to resign. And that's not all: it turns out she also invented the master's degree she was showcasing on LinkedIn.

She deleted all her social media channels.