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Investing in Altenrhein Airport: People are considering replacing the Embraer E170

Investing in Altenrhein Airport: People are considering replacing the Embraer E170

The Swiss St. Gallen Airport / Altenrhein will invest a total of 15 million euros by 2024. Its airline, People, is looking for a new aircraft.

In 2010, Austrian investor Markus Kopf purchased St. Gallen/Altenren Airport from previous owner Dieter Borle. Not only did he take over the management of a regional airport, but he also captured a piece of contemporary history. As early as 1926, Dornier-Flugzeugwerke opened a company headquarters near the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

From the mid-1930s, the first scheduled flights departed from Altenrhein to Basel, Dubendorf, Munich and Innsbruck. In 1954, construction began on a steel runway 1,200 meters long and 30 meters wide, and it was extended in 1979 to its current length of 1,500 metres. Now, after a long time, there are investments that will require a lot of financial resources from private owners.

The ramp surface and lighting will be renovated

“The most important investment is the rehabilitation of the runway, which we are currently planning and should be implemented in 2024,” People’s Air Group board member Thomas Kreutzler says in an interview with AeroTelegraph. The ramp surface as well as the entire lighting system will be renovated. This will not affect the operation. The renovation will take place as a nightly construction site over several months.

The airport is also investing in the partial renovation of some of the company’s hangars, in an expansion of the car park and in two new fire trucks. “We are talking about a total investment of about 15 million euros,” says Kreutzler. “Our in-house People will have to make a contribution here through its income.”

It’s still in good shape, but it’s already 15 years old

In addition to investing in airport infrastructure, People Group is also considering replacing the Embraer 170, which is now more than fifteen years old, was completely overhauled two years ago, and is therefore almost of new quality,” says Kreutzler. “But logically you have to think about later model.

At this point in time, the possibility that the successor aircraft could be anything other than Embraer is ruled out.” In the next few months, an assessment will be made on whether People will switch to the Embraer E175. The Austrian regional airline, based in Altenren, has already wanted to buy E2 planes. But it After that I reduced the fleet to one aircraft instead of modernizing it and expanding three aircraft.