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Schlager’s Oktoberfest sensation: Suddenly he appeared

Schlager’s Oktoberfest sensation: Suddenly he appeared

Oktoberfest 2023 was only a few hours old when there was already a huge buzz! Oktoberfest visitors had to look twice. Suddenly a real star appeared.

Visitors to the Oktoberfest in the Schottenhamel tent could not help but be amazed: soon after the successful tap of Mayor Dieter Reiter, they received a real reward – from the great Schlager star Andreas Gabaler!

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Schlager singer Andreas Gabalier performed his biggest hits

The musician, who usually fills entire stadiums, sang his huge hits “Hulapalu” and “I Sing a Liad für di.” There was nothing to stop the spectators. At first, it all seemed like a normal Oktoberfest visit as a guest for the 38-year-old. As the newspaper “Tz” reported, Gabalier was asked by “hundreds of pages” if he would go on tap.

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Around 12pm he was standing at the Oktoberfest table in front of the BR microphone answering questions. He stated that Florian Silbereisen invited him “and I really haven’t been here for years.” Gabalier feels “great joy.”

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Will “Hulapalu” be another Oktoberfest hit?

Does Gabalier see any chance of his film “Hullabaloo” hitting the meadows again? “We’ll see. Maybe it’ll be ‘Hullabaloo’ a third time,” he was quoted as saying by tz. His spontaneous appearance probably made him even more popular among Oktoberfest-goers.

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