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Scandal at Bellevue Group – CEO leaves

Scandal at Bellevue Group – CEO leaves

The Bellevue Group CEO succeeds the longtime asset management specialist who has been on the Credit Suisse payroll for 17 years.

board of directors Bellevue Group he have Gebhard Gisselbrecht He has been appointed as the new CEO effective January 1, 2024, according to a statement released on Monday. succeeded Andre Rogge who will leave the group by mutual agreement after 15 years, eight of them as CEO, as he was later identified.

The Board of Directors and Rüegg seem to have come to the common conclusion that new impetus and ideas will be profitable for the continued development of the Bellevue Group. She said Rüegg would guarantee a professional delivery to Giselbrecht.

Long career in asset management at Credit Suisse

Giselebrecht (photo above) has extensive Swiss and international asset management experience in the areas of strategy, sales, management/COO and development of new business areas. During his long career in asset management at Credit Suisse, he has successfully held several key positions, including Head of Client Coverage Switzerland/EMEA, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategy Switzerland/EMEA, and Head of Asset Management at Singapore, Executive Director of Asia Pacific Asset Management and Business Development. and mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to Credit Suisse, he worked for McKinsey & Company in Munich and Zurich in the financial sector. Giselebrecht holds an undergraduate degree from the University of St. Gallen and an MBA/MBI from the Rotterdam School of Management.

Unambiguous positioning

Roig, CEO of the Bellevue Group since 2016, managed the group for many years and played a key role in its reorganization. In this way, he succeeded in gradually expanding the competence of asset management and the obvious positioning of the Bellevue Group. Today, the Bellevue Group’s investment expertise is sought and appreciated internationally, particularly in the healthcare sector.

More is coming.

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