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Speed ​​racing at the Miami GP in the USA today in the live stream

Speed ​​racing at the Miami GP in the USA today in the live stream

Formula 1: Miami GP USA Today in the live stream – Round 4

Fourth round: A good start from Verstappen, who is still in the lead. Initially there are no changes behind this either.

Round 3: The safety car will come out on the next lap.

Second round: Alonso complained over the radio that Hamilton came flying into the first turn “like a bull”. But to be fair, it must be said that the Spaniard was not entirely innocent in the incident. After all, he was the one who touched Stroll first.

Second round: Now Stroll has to give up too. Hamilton was also involved in the crash, but does not appear to have suffered further damage.

Round 1: Replays show: Alonso touched Stroll, who in turn collided with Norris. Both Aston Martin drivers returned to the end of the field. Norris can't keep up at all.

Round 1: The safety car must be on track. Norris had moved away and could no longer move. Alonso also sneaks around the track. There must have been some connections there.

Begins: Traffic lights turn green. Both Verstappen and Leclerc got off to a good start, but the Dutchman stayed in front. Behind him, Ricciardo is third.