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Rapper Kanye West is now officially called "Ye".

Rapper Kanye West is now officially called “Ye”.

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19.10.2021, 09:2710.10.2021, 12:36

Kanye’s name now is Ye. The reason can be found in the Bible.

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Kanye West is a hip-hop heavyweight: as a rapper, music producer, artist, and fashion entrepreneur, he set the tone – and earned millions.

A Los Angeles judge has now approved a request from the 44-year-old Grammy winner and ex-husband of Kim Kardashian to change her name: Kanye Amari West is now officially called “Ye.” So he no longer has a nickname, like “Rolling Stone” Writes.

From the title to the “mirror of everything we do”

This is not entirely surprising, since Kanye has been nicknamed for a long time. In addition to his 2018 album, “Ye”. In a radio interview at the time, he justified it as follows: “I think ‘ye’ is the most common word used in the Bible, and in the Bible it means ‘you’.” (…) ‘ is a reflection of our good, our bad, our perplexity And everything we have.”

You are also a gospel preacher

Yi expresses his deep devotion to the Christian faith in a stylized manner: With a whole horde of faithful crew members, he literally makes a pilgrimage through them. United States of America And around the world to hold Sunday services. He’s on stage as a preacher of the gospel.

In an interview with rapper and podcaster Nick Cannon Yi, who was still Kanye, revealed that “Sunday Services” cost him $50 million in 2019 alone. at the same to interview You said, “You know Hassan He calls us all to himself, but he does it in different ways. ” (Potato)

Kim Kardashian and fashion


Kim Kardashian and fashion

Coyle: fr170266 ap / Charles Sykes

Youngest self-made billionaire

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