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Prince Harry doesn't care about the Queen's feelings

Prince Harry doesn’t care about the Queen’s feelings

Prince Harry will publish his memoirs in 2022. He doesn’t seem to care that he could cause much damage to the royal family.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry, a school dropout, wants to make a career in Hollywood.
  • After many interviews, he is now planning his autobiography.
  • He doesn’t seem to care as he puts his relationship with his family in jeopardy.

Prince Harry, 36, reveals a book about his life.

It is not yet known what the royal leaker is eating in his diary, but experts are sure: he will do great harm to the House of Windsor.

Harry confirmed in a statement that he wanted to provide a “completely accurate and honest” account in the book. But so far the husband has left Meghan Markle (39) In interviews she was not good about his family.

The prospects for reconciliation are not good. Prince Harry doesn’t seem to care, aristocratic expert Robert Jobson (57) believes.

He was furious in a TV interview: “He doesn’t care. Now he has money and he’s independent of it the father And independent of the rest of the family. He thinks he can do whatever he wants.”

He went on to say: “The feelings of his grandmother, brother or father do not concern him either.”

Will you buy Prince Harry’s diary?

Prince Harry was the Queen’s favorite grandchild الح

Sad, because in fact the redhead has always had a close relationship with him Queen Elizabeth (95) She even considered her favorite grandson.

Now everything is on edge. Insiders even fear that the king will not invite the 36-year-old and her family to their platinum anniversary anniversary next year.

After all: The Royal Zoff offers plenty of conversation – and entertainment! Robert Jobson agrees, saying, “I am fascinated by it, and I look forward to it with longing, [Harrys Buch] to read. He will have a tremendous impact on the royal family and of course on the future relationship with his brother.”

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