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'All That Matters' star Francesca van der Heide: Now she's showing off her baby bump!

‘All That Matters’ star Francesca van der Heide: Now she’s showing off her baby bump!

AWZStar Franziska van der Heide (29 years old) has been an integral part of the popular evening series since 2019 called “Ina Ziegler”. before that was Really like “Kitty” in a GZSZ to see. The 29-year-old has recently been receiving great news for her fans.

Francesca van der Heide, Star of the Exclusive Economic Zone: Engagement and Pregnancy

On the one hand, she announced her engagement to photographer Tim Calhouette, 36 – and now she has surprised her fans with the news of a cute baby! Because Franziska van der Hyde is six months pregnant.

Franziska van der Heide: “No words are necessary”

She announced this adorable news a few days ago and doesn’t seem to want to hide her sweet baby bump from the public anymore, because she shared two adorable pictures of herself on Instagram with the note: “No words needed…”, and provides that post with hashtags like “love” and ” mom-to-be” and “happy”.

In one of the photos she can be seen in black and white on the beach, how dreamy she looks in the distance, a wide white dress playing around her stomach, she lovingly puts her hand on it.

In the second photo, she is smiling at the camera wearing jeans and a white jacket, with an open shirt on top – and hers baby bump He holds it with both hands to protect it. She looks completely relaxed on the recordings and, above all, very happy.

Andre Dietz, the former EEZ star, has a great big family that you can see in the video below.

Fans send her best wishes

Fans are, of course, happy with the actress, and a lot of warm congratulations can be read in the comments: “Beautiful, I am happy for you,” or also: “How beautiful you look.”

Another, albeit former, actress from AWZ delighted fans with this year’s baby news. Tania Shevchenko (43) was released in April 2021 mother of twins. her two sons came premature baby to the world and they are very lucky for the 43-year-old. Because she has suffered in the past few years Multiple miscarriages. After the complications of childbirth, she can finally enjoy the time with her sweet babies to the fullest.

In the video below, you can see Norman, Tania’s husband, very happy with one of his sons.