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Epic Games Store (Sonstiges) von Epic Games

One free game per day on the Holiday Sale

Two free games a week usually await you on the Epic Games Store. At Christmas time there is now a new game every day that you can add to your library for free.

In recent years, the Epic Games Store has regularly offered players free games for the holidays. 2022 is no exception, because it is now holiday sale Live on the Epic Games Store. In addition to discounted games, there’s also a new free game every 24 hours – so time is of the essence.

Free game at EGS: Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is the start of the free-to-play Epic Games Store sale. True to the name, this is a tower defense game that is already a hit in the mobile segment.

The PC version supports nicer graphics, but stays true to the basic principle in terms of content. In the preset levels, you build different towers customized to the monkey scenario and try to destroy as many balloons as you can. As the game progresses, the levels also get more difficult.

In addition, Bloons TD 6 features four-player co-op, special boss events, and a few more game modes. If you are looking for a short pastime in between, you should take a look at this rather colorful tower defense game.

Change it every 24 hours

You only have 24 hours to secure the free game of the day. Want Bloons TD 6 in your library? Addyou must have done so by December 16th, 4:59 PM at the latest.

The free game changes at 5:00 p.m. The Epic Games Store does not reveal in advance what the role of tomorrow will be, because as usual around Christmas time, the platform is hiding a little secret. But as soon as we lift the veil, we will inform you immediately.

Vacation voucher for sale

In addition to the free games and many discounted games, there is also a coupon for the holiday sale in the Epic Games Store. This year, you’ll get an additional 25 percent off all Epic Games Store game purchases over €14.99.

The coupon will be automatically applied once all the games in the cart cost at least that amount individually or together. You get 25% off each individual game and not in total like this Instructions reveal

The voucher will be automatically activated and can be used until January 5, 2023 at 17:00. Of course, the date isn’t chosen at random, because the big holiday sale on the Epic Games Store will be on until then, too.