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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria mutated in space

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria mutated in space

There is still a video showing bacteria on the International Space Station. They mutated there.Image: NASA/Magazines

An amazing discovery in space: According to a study, dangerous bacteria have mutated on the International Space Station. It is now different from its counterpart on Earth.

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On the International Space Station, researchers have discovered a strain of bacteria that appears to have mutated. The presence of E. bugandensis on Earth is feared because it is resistant to many antibiotics and can infect people already weakened by other diseases and cause various infections.

Now a study by NASA researcher Kasturi Venkateswaran has revealed that these bacteria have apparently changed in space. It is not possible to completely prevent astronauts from bringing pathogens with them from Earth. Recognizing this, the team sampled E. bugandensis on the space station and examined 13 different branches.

Adapted to the space environment

The result: the bacteria have changed functionally and genetically and are therefore different from those on Earth. One reason for these changes may have been environmental stress caused by weightlessness, radiation, and increased carbon dioxide levels: microorganisms appear to have tried to adapt to the changing conditions.

According to the study, bacteria were able to survive on the International Space Station for some time and not only lived with other microorganisms, but also helped them survive.

NASA does not talk about any direct danger to astronauts. However, investigation is important. The American agency said in a publication: “This research opens the door to effective preventive measures for the health of astronauts.”

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