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The Battle for Nordvik event is designed to keep players busy during the holidays

The Battle for Nordvik event is designed to keep players busy during the holidays

From Jonathan Harsh
The Battle of Nordvik is a three-part event that EA and DICE will host over Christmas and New Years in Battlefield 2042. The developers want to incorporate three brand new experiences into Season 3.

It’s been a good three weeks Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 is already online, including new content and game variants. In a few days, however, EA and DICE will push the tension meter up a few notches. How would you like to do it? It features a three-week event, The Battle of Nordvik, to help shooter fans pass the time during the holiday season. EA promises three different trials (one each week). An official trailer will be included:

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This is in the Battlefield 2042 Battle of Nordvik event

The event begins on December 20th and ends three weeks later on January 10th. A new game mode will be activated every week. Before the battlefield action begins, players must choose between two factions: on the one hand, the “Black Storm” forces, whose goal is to infiltrate Nordvik and occupy important points. On the other side stands Nordvik Control Corps, which must oppose the aggressors and defend Nordvk’s primary production site.

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During week one, the two factions go head-to-head in a 32 vs. 32 invasion of conquest. The focus is on ground combat. From December 27, it is time to focus, because the facility has been overrun and a counterattack has been launched with a small team. This 16v16 conquest variant also contains hack and dash elements. Last but not least, the final battle will start from January 3rd. This hack mayhem pits 128 players against each other. Various cosmetic items and packs are bonuses.

source: EA