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Utomik Cloud: Game service with standalone gems is now available for LG Smart TVs

Utomik Cloud: Game service with standalone gems is now available for LG Smart TVs

LG Gaming Shelf has received the Utomik Cloud game streaming service. It is available on 2021 model year TVs with webOS.

In a press release, Utokim Cloud itself said that the service has already arrived on the LG Gaming Shelf at the end of November 2022 on webOS-equipped TVs from the 2021 and 2022 model years. So if you own an older model of TV, you’re sadly looking down the tube. In memory of: in the LG game shelf LG now bundles all kinds of gaming apps and is doing the same thing as Samsung. The latter announces there to their game center.

In this case, Samsung was faster than its arch-rival: Utomik Cloud made its way to Samsung TVs through Game Center a few months ago. In case you don’t know the service: unlike Nvidia GeForce now or then Meanwhile, Google Stadia has been dismantled There are fewer three-games, mainly stand-alone and transient games. The platform itself cites “Coffee Talk,” “My Time in Portia,” or “Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion” as prime examples.

According to Utomik Cloud, the corresponding app can be obtained from LG’s content store and can then be found on the home screen of compatible LG TVs. Of course, you have to decide for yourself if you want to accept the cloud gaming offer or if you already have a PC or game console.

Utomik Cloud is going after the agents

Cloud gaming still has a niche right now, but maybe the focus on casual and indie titles would be a welcome change for one reader or another. Especially since Utomik Cloud has confirmed that a dedicated Android app will also be available soon. It will then be usable on smartphones and tablets with Android 9 or higher. Feel free to tell us your experiences with Utomik in the comments if you’ve already tested the service.