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Nicaragua police beat millionaire against drug trafficking

March 15, 2021, 7:49 pmManagua, March 15 (Prinza Latin) Nicaraguan National Police have seized 556 kilograms of cocaine worth more than $ 13.9 million, a high-ranking uniformed officer said today.

The conspiracy against drug trafficking took place in a community in the municipality of Sinandeka (western), Major Commissioner Victoriano Ruiz, the second head of the Directorate of Assistance in Justice, a cohesive department on the border with Honduras, told the media.

The drug was seized from Martin Alfredo Juarez on March 11 and was hidden in his home in the El Manzano area of ​​the region, police sources said.

The drug was inside a brick pit, hidden in 20 sacks and divided into 490 rectangular packs with different colored wrappers, the official described.

Police also seized a 12-gauge shotgun, two AK-47 assault rifles and 23 units of ammunition from Jures’ home.

Commissioner Ruiz concluded that both the prisoner and the witness would be made available to the public ministry for criminal proceedings.

These kinds of activities are part of a so-called container wall strategy carried out by the National Police, Nicaraguan Army and its Navy in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime.

President Daniel Ortega has repeatedly criticized the US administration for questioning Central American countries as a natural haven for drug trafficking, while at the same time not restricting trafficking across its land, sea and air borders.

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