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Hong Kong expands vaccine against Govt-19 and eliminates death – Brenza Latin

Gary Lam, the region’s chief executive, pointed out that the project will now benefit 5.5 million people and urged citizens to go to the centers as soon as possible to get vaccinated.

On February 26, the Southern Region began free immunization of civil servants and the elderly against Govt-19 because they are considered to be the most vulnerable groups to infection with the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus that causes the disease.

Since then 206 thousand people have received the first dose, mostly Coronavac, Sinovac compound and a small number Pfizer-Bioendech (USA-Germany).

But the deaths of seven Hong Kong vaccinated people and the severity of the eighth cause great concern among the public about the safety of the products, especially among those over 60 years of age.

The panel of experts confirmed the previous day that none of the cases were injection-related and that all were suffering from severe heart problems, pneumonia and high blood pressure.

However, they acknowledged the need to further investigate each of them and called on those suffering from recent heart attacks or other serious illnesses to wait up to six months to be vaccinated.

In the aftermath of the first two deaths, some departments and the media in Hong Kong have questioned the security of the corona, criticized the local government and called on the public to avoid products made in China.

As a result, increasing individuals canceled bookings to take that drug and Pfizer-Bioendech.

Xinovac Biotech is a pharmaceutical inactive form that has been used by millions of people inside and outside China since mid-2020.

The CEO of the pharmaceutical company, Yin Weidong, expressed full confidence in the quality, effectiveness and safety of Coronavac, highlighting its widespread use and announcing an increase in production to two billion units per year.

However, many Chinese scientists consulted by the press agreed that pregnant women should not get infected with a weakened immune system, infections and high fever.

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