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NFL Round Two: Mahomes' sudden bankruptcy, Brady magic party - US SPORT

NFL Round Two: Mahomes’ sudden bankruptcy, Brady magic party – US SPORT

There really was something going on!

Second day of playing in the NFL. With a brilliant Brady Show, last-second field goal drama, and a disgusting spitting scandal – and a big surprise in the first game!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Atlanta Falcons 48:25

Legend quarterback Tom Brady is the king of landing again. His passport ends up being twice with both Rob Gronkowski and Mike Evans! Another pass flies to Chris Goodwin – landing again!

madness: Books defender Mike Edwards catches a pass from Falcons playmaker Matt Ryan twice – and both are penalized with a drop.

The defending champion is going to achieve his second victory this season!

Baltimore Ravens – Kansas City Chiefs 36:35

What a hot game!

In a hot early stage of the “Sunday Night Football” game, I quickly made it to 7:7 – without Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes (who turned 26 on Sept. 17) even on the field.

First interception of Kansas City by Tyrant Matthew. The Ravens were then brought down by Devin DuVernay, who shoved the ball into his arms after teammate Devonta Freeman lost it shortly before the end zone.

The Chiefs take the lead again after a touchdown pass from Mahomes by Demarcus Robinson. Extra point sitting – 14:7!

A force reaches the end zone by Latavius ​​Murray and the bonus point is equal to crows.

Daryl Williams is unstoppable and goes at full speed to land heads. Byron Pringle goes better. Also with an extra point – 28:17! In between, Justin Tucker cut short for a 43-yard field goal.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson sees a completely detached Marquis Brown, who runs loosely to the touchdown. 28:24 – Baltimore is making it exciting again!

Then that: Travis Kelsey rings with his run across the field to the end zone!

Jackson walks toward the landing, and returns the crows to the plane. A short time later, she flew to the end zone by somersault.

Wonderful! Suddenly the owners of the land advance by one point. Go back and forth here!

Super Bowl favorite Kansas City throws everything forward again – and loses the ball! Mad! Initial decision!

Arizona Cardinals – Minnesota Vikings 34:33

Four seconds before the end, the Vikings-Kicker nets a victory from 37 yards to his feet – and shoots a shot past knaaaaapp! O bad luck!

The Cardinals celebrate their second win of the season.

Los Angeles Chargers – Dallas Cowboys 17:20

Real excitement!

Four seconds before the end, kicker Greg Zoerlin hits the egg on nerves from 56 yards with a field goal. And again it lives up to his nickname: Greg’s Leg – Greg, his leg.

The victory of the Cowboys, who already had strong moments against defending champion Tampa in the first round.

Seattle Seahawks – Tennessee Titans 30:33

Huge tension in overtime in Seattle. The Giants, who trailed 9:24, snatched the victory with Field Goald from Randy Bullock from 36 yards.

Cleveland Browns – Houston Texans 31:21

wounderful seen: At 14:14, Cleveland’s Demetrik Felton ran back through the Texas defense – the game’s move. In the end it will be a sovereign victory for Benny Brown.

Miami Dolphins – Buffalo Bills 0:35

The Dolphins started the season very well against New England (17:16). Now scrub clear of the bills.

Game highlight: Stunning playback by Devin Singletary for Buffalo.

Philadelphia Eagles – San Francisco 49ers 11:17

The 49ers are up front at halftime – and no one knows why.

Relegation before the end of the second quarter turns the game in favor of San Francisco. Before that, the Eagles were in command.

49ers follow up in the second half. In the end it was an undisputed success!

Pittsburgh Steelers – Las Vegas Raiders 17:26

Scare moment for Raiders fans!

Midfielder Derek Carr was caught hard on the touchdown pass to make it 15:7. He should be taken off the field. However, he can intervene again at the end of the game and even deliver a touchdown pass. Sovereign victory for the invaders.

gross: Steelers star Trey Turner was ejected from the field in the fourth quarter after spitting at an opponent. Referees have good eyes. Because on TV you only see the disgusting action in slow motion.

Does Giselle like it?
Brady wants to play football until the age of 50

Quelle: Twitter / @Buccaneers

Carolina Panthers – New Orleans Saints 26:7

There was no saint blessing on that Sunday!

New Orleans simply cannot absorb many defensive failures against the Panthers. The team had an excellent start to the season against Green Bay (38:3).

Midfielder Sam Darnold featured powerful throws and two touchdown passes.

But for Carolina, this is already the second win in the second game.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Denver Broncos 13:23

Ice Bronco Cool! Denver will punish any wrongdoing by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Perfect start to the season: two games, two wins.

The Jaguar Crisis continues. Quarterback hope Trevor Lawrence now has five interceptions in two games of the season…

Chicago Bears – Cincinnati Bengals 20:17

Bengals take away their chances of winning. At the start of the fourth quarter, Cincinnati picked up an intercept. Rochuan Smith brings the egg home – the initial decision.

MURR: It seemed quarterback Borough left nearly 200 passes unchallenged. Then he immediately caught two more. used day. The race to catch up continues with no happy ending.

Indianapolis Colts – Los Angeles Rams 24:27

High tension in Indianapolis with a better ending for a guest from Los Angeles. The following exclamation point is from the Rams who frustrated Chicago (34:14) last week.

At 24:24 Colts playmaker Carson Wentz had to come out injured. Substitute Jacob Eason throws his second passes directly to the opponent.

New York Jets – New England Patriots 6:25

Mac beats Zack!

Rookie quarterback Zach Wilson (New York) delivers a disastrous game—after three quarters he already has four interceptions off the count. Po calls from your fans!

The result: The second bankruptcy of the aircraft.

New England with former Alabama quarterback Mac Jones and German Jacob Johnson entered the season with this free win after the unfortunate bankruptcy against Miami (16:17).


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