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Ruffle after Wechsel-Knatsch - Pochettino Messing with Messi - Sport

Ruffle after Wechsel-Knatsch – Pochettino Messing with Messi – Sport

Rüffel nach Wechsel-Knatsch – Pochettino messing with Messi – Sports – SRF

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Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino has spoken a word of strength to prominent newcomer Lionel Messi.

Mauricio Pochettino reprimanded Lionel Messi after exchanging beatings in the first Ligue 1 match. “We are here to make the decisions. “Whether people like it or not,” the PSG coach said in a stern tone.

The capitals won in the last minute (2-1) over Olympique Lyonnais in the sixth round. Messi was no longer on the field when the winning goal was scored. He was replaced by his Argentine compatriot in the 76th minute. The transfer from Barcelona was not happy with that and seemed to refuse to shake hands with his coach.

The new star showed a decent performance in his premiere at home. After Lucas Paqueta (54), Neymar equalized a penalty kick (66). Argentinian Mauro Icardi (93.) won the league leader with full points.

After the match, Pochettino asked Messi about his safety. “He told me he’s fine and no problems,” said the 49-year-old.

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