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My Love Story: “My late father brought us together from heaven”

My Love Story: “My late father brought us together from heaven”

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“My late father brought us together from heaven.”

Eight years ago, Lea returned from Italy to Switzerland after her father’s funeral. During the flight, she fell in love with the flight attendant Didi, a cue from her father, she says.


Leah and Didi have been a couple for eight years.


  • Leah (30 years old) has lost hope in true love.

  • On the flight back from her father’s funeral, of all places, she fell in love with flight attendant Didi (34).

  • The two quickly became a couple and now have a four-year-old son.

  • Leah says that it was thanks to her late father that they met.

“I lost faith in love early on. My dream has always been to find the perfect man and become a mother early. But in my early 20s, it didn’t seem like this was going to happen anytime soon. This was very difficult for me to accept. When my father died unexpectedly, I no longer knew what to do with myself. It was a very difficult time, as I often felt alone. Eight years ago, I had to travel to Italy alone to attend my father’s funeral. Those were probably the most difficult moments in my life.

On cloud seven

When I got back on the plane, something happened that I never expected. I saw the flight attendant and was immediately gripped by it. It was love at first sight. We made eye contact the entire trip. Shortly before landing I said to myself: If he looks again now, there must be something there. And he looked. So I took out my phone and wrote down his contact information. I immediately added it everywhere and wrote to him. His answer did not come until a few days later. We wrote for hours and arranged to meet the next day. After only ten days we became a couple. It all happened so fast and I didn’t expect it to happen, but still: we’ve been inseparable since day one. Six months later we moved in together because it became clear very quickly that we wanted a family.

Destiny and the sign of the father

Then our son (4 years old) was born, who, funnily enough, has a very strong attachment to airplanes. He’s always playing with his toy planes. When you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, his answer is: a pilot. Coincidence or fate? It’s definitely the life I always wanted. The funniest thing of all is that we were at the same party many years ago but never saw each other – he was the right guy at the time, but at the wrong time. However, when my father left us, it was the right moment. It was a sign from my father. He helped me get to know Didi – in heaven, where he could see us clearly.

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