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Princess Victoria of Sweden at the ESC final in Malmö

Princess Victoria of Sweden at the ESC final in Malmö

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After speculation, the Swedish Palace has confirmed her appearance at ESC 2024: Princess Victoria has now appeared at the Malmö Arena on the grand final day.

Malmö – Sweden is not only famous for its wonderful nature, but also for the Swedish royal family. And for “Eurovision Song Contest“, which takes place in Malmö this year. So it's no wonder that the royals were expected to appear in the musical. But did they?

The Palace has confirmed: Princess Victoria will be a guest at the ESC

Last month, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported that Princess Victoria (46 years old) would be a guest in the Eurovision Song Contest. But not alone: ​​her husband Prince Daniel (50) and their two children Estelle (12) and Oscar (8) must be there.

But then there was the disappointment of ESC's big finale: presenters Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede ceremoniously opened the show – but they didn't appear to have any royals to welcome them to the Malmö hall. At the beginning of the ESC conference, a video message from the Crown Princess was shown. Then came the big surprise.

In fact: The Crown Princess of Sweden is at Malmo Arena

A shot from Malmö Square shows Princess Victoria standing in the audience. So the 46-year-old came to ESC. She shines with joy and enjoys the event and the evening. However, disappointment also followed: apparently neither Victoria's husband nor her children were present. The current security situation may be the reason for the princess's sole presence. Instead of her family, she was accompanied by Swedish Culture Minister Parisa Lillystrand, Anneli Holthen (Governor of Skane County) and Hanna Stjärne (CEO of Sverigis TV).

Princess Victoria of Sweden at the front of the ESC;  Princess Victoria at ESC
Princess Victoria of Sweden can be seen not only at the ESC opening, but also at Malmö Arena – but without royal support. © Screenshot / ARD / “Eurovision Song Contest” & Screenshot / ARD / “Eurovision Song Contest”

But at least: at least Isaac, an ESC participant, can claim that the real Crown Prince saw him live on stage. The 29-year-old father-of-one has already completed his Malmö Arena debut. It started with number 3. Sources used: ARD / “Eurovision Song Contest”