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Lidl customers do this again and again – but it is strictly prohibited

Lidl customers do this again and again – but it is strictly prohibited

Anyone who regularly goes shopping at Lidl is hoping to have their shopping cart as full as possible without having to dig deep into their wallet at the checkout. But even if the company has been running discount campaigns at one time or another, customers have noticed, for better or worse, that prices have risen in recent months.

For some people, the trick helps save a lot of money. But is this even allowed?

Lidl customers are trying all the tricks

When paying, many people swipe their loyalty card before using a debit card or individual notes to save big on each purchase. If you forget to put your card in sight of a Lidl employee, you will usually be reminded with a friendly “Do you have a customer card?” However, some savers sometimes reserve their own card for other people's purchases. But is this even allowed?

+++ A Lidl customer enters the branch and can't believe what he sees – “I feel like it's 2001” +++

Whether to strangers who say no when asked for their customer card at checkout, or to friends and family members – many customers try to get discounts according to the motto “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” But are Lidl customers who have saved their digital customer card in the 'Lidl Plus app' allowed to use it to secure additional discounts from other customers?

The opponent has a clear opinion on this matter.

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The more often a customer's card is scanned, the more discounts and coupons Lidl customers can expect. Even if carrying a card when making purchases from someone else is very attractive, Lidl strongly rejects this approach. The functionality is not explicitly intended to be shared with other customers. In case of misuse or fraudulent use, your account may be blocked.