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“Who wants to become a millionaire?”: The Joker answers incorrectly on purpose

“Who wants to become a millionaire?”: The Joker answers incorrectly on purpose

On Monday evening, a 28-year-old from Cologne (Germany) sat in the famous chair opposite the legendary broadcaster Gunter Jauch (67 years old). Torben Schnepper-Cimmento brought his wife with him – the 500 euro question also concerned a woman.

About a woman from the Bible, to be exact: “According to the Old Testament, Lot’s wife turns into…?” Available Answers: Salt Pole, Advertisement Pole, Gas Pump, Emergency Call Pole?

The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire candidate wanted to know who Lot was and why he had a wife. knowledge. “The fact that they're agnostic is starting to pay off now,” Yauch commented with a wink.

The moderator immediately suggests “help from above” and gestures to the four available pranksters. The Joker finally appears to the audience: 99 percent of the studio is in favor of the “Pillar of Salt.”

Then, as is often the case, Yauch went looking for the strange person in the crowd. After admitting to a wrong answer, he realized that 1 percent with more than 200 guests could also mean: Two people could be wrong.

Another man in the audience of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” It was found – and he immediately admitted: “I just wanted to sign it.” The other studio guests laugh – the man admits that he intentionally pressed the wrong button. His hope: that Yauch would find him and expose him.

Then Gautsch says: “I observe with disgust and indignation how they abuse this program here. But the idea was clever.” The man gave his signature and wrote: “For Smart Andy.”