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“Do you understand the fun?”  It becomes a hit show

“Do you understand the fun?” It becomes a hit show

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The Christmas edition will be festive – and a hit: Several hit stars will join Barbara Schoenberger on “Do You Understand the Fun?”

BERLIN – An advent season full of successes. This is what viewers of the many Christmas and Advent shows can expect. Also on this list is this year’s Christmas edition of Do You Understand the Pleasure?, which has been run by Barbara Schoneberger (49) since 2022. This time there are a surprising number of pop stars guest on the show.

Pop stars in ‘Do you understand the fun?’: Who’s who in the Christmas edition?

The guest mix on “Do You Understand the Fun?” Always quite diverse. But this year, one logo seems to be emerging: Schlager. high Already announced guests have been Austrian folk music singer Melissa Näschenwing (33), show director and singer Florian Silbereisen (42) and his duet partner Thomas Anders (60).

Most likely, the stars will not only sit on the couch and chat with Barbara Schoenberger, but will also perform their own music.

“Do you understand the fun?”: Schlager’s guests can also be tricked

„Verstehen Sie SPAß? (81) Oder Karl Dall († 79) Gesehen, Sondern Auch Schon Zahlreiche Stargäste Begrüßen ability.

Silbereisen, Schönberger, Nasschenung
At Christmas, German hits dominate the song “Do You Understand the Fun?” © Christian Schroedter/Eibner/Imago

According to the concept of the show, unknown people in everyday life are tricked with jokes and filmed with a hidden camera. In the 1980s, people often had fun with famous musicians who were then guests on the show and also played their music there.

It is not yet known whether Florian Silbereisen, Thomas Anders or Melissa Näschenwing were also caught by the camera. Silbereisen will also have a busy Christmas season, because in addition to “Do You Understand the Fun?”, he can also be seen in “Advent Festival” and in other Traumschiff episodes. Other pop stars are less happy: Claudia Young (59) found clear words against Anna Karina Wojciak (30) after Moros’ allegations. Sources used:,