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The British Foreign Office summoned the Chinese ambassador

The British Foreign Office summoned the Chinese ambassador

Arrival of the Ambassador

Updated on May 14, 2024 at 1:48 pm

China's ambassador to Great Britain was summoned to the Foreign Office in London on Tuesday. Allegations of espionage, cyber attacks and harassment of dissidents are the backdrop.

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A spokesman for the Foreign Office in London said “it has been made clear to the diplomat that China's behavior against Great Britain, including cyber-attacks, espionage and bribery, is unacceptable”.

Hostilities have recently escalated in Great Britain, where the government in Beijing is suspected of being behind it. London police announced on Monday that three people had been charged. They are said to be working for the Hong Kong Secret Service. The anti-terrorism unit of the city police is investigating. The government in Hong Kong was angered by the case and demanded information.

In late March, London accused the Chinese government of being behind a cyber attack on the British Parliament and members of parliament. Beijing has strongly denied the allegations. Last week, the British government announced a possible state-directed cyber attack targeting Ministry of Defense data. Reports suggest that China is also suspected in the incident.

For British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, tensions with China are also personally unpleasant. During his tenure as Prime Minister (2010-2016), Cameron heralded a “golden age” of relations with China. Critics now accuse him of being naive to increasingly authoritarian Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom he honored with a lavish state reception in London in 2015.
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