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A man in the audience guesses wrong – because of Jauch

A man in the audience guesses wrong – because of Jauch

May 14, 2024 at 2:33 pmMay 14, 2024 at 4:58 pm

There is a “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Great success stories. Then there are the big meltdown stories. When candidate Torben Schnepper-Schimento sat in Günter Jauch's chair, there were both of them – and almost at the same time.

A man in the audience named Andy witnessed the success story. As the candidate draws the audience in for the €500 question, Andy thinks of something. A regular viewer of the program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, knew that Gautsch likes to “pick out” people from the audience who answer a simple question incorrectly and show them in front of the camera.

The following was one of these – relatively simple – questions:

simple question. or?!Screenshot: queue

The audience response was identical: 99 percent supported answer A, the pillar of salt. So it was possible that only one or two people were pressing incorrectly. Günther Jauch immediately wants to choose the person who printed the “Advertising Column”. But when he finds the “culprit” and asks him what went wrong, he answers: “I just wanted his autograph.”

Things were not going well for Torben Schnepper-Chimento

You could have done better. or???

Gautsch then quips: “I note with disgust and indignation how you abuse this program here,” but then has to admit: “But the idea was clever.”

Günter Jauch shows the camera his signature.

Günter Jauch shows the camera his signature.Screenshot: queue

Smart Andy.

Smart Andy.Screenshot: queue

What is the candidate and his journey on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” As far as things are concerned, Torben Schnepper-Chimento basically played himself from rain to rain. Having already rolled the first joker in the €500 question, he has to use one for almost every subsequent question.

Fortunately for him, the audience plus the telephone jester and an extra clown can get him through to the next round. So the 28-year-old really has no clown when it comes to the €16,000 question.

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“It doesn't work that way, have you noticed?” he told Gautsch. He once again shows his bad side and says that the 50 euro question is the only one he liked so far. In addition, he slowly no longer believes that the candidate has actually passed the Abitur – for Günther Jauch, this is the reason why he did not present his certificate when applying. “I never picked it up,” Schnepper Chimento says. But: After all, he is a government employee, so he doesn't dare to do anything without Joker.

But when it comes to the €16,000 question about a self-portrait by a famous painter, he has no choice: he has to guess. Or stop. This time the 28-year-old dares to do it – and things go wrong immediately. After a lot of back and forth, Schnipper Chimento guesses Salvador Dali. It's a wrong decision, but ultimately an indication of the full performance of the likeable but unlucky candidate. (lac)

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