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Maybe the next giga factory in Canada>

Tesla’s current six plants shouldn’t be around for much longer. After launching a new Gigafactory in Germany and the United States this year, CEO Elon Musk wants to announce the location for the next plant before the end of the year, he said at the company’s annual general meeting in Texas Thursday night. He specifically mentioned Canada as a potential location for this. In the long run, Musk, who presented himself at the shareholder meeting (see photo) in a good mood, said that Tesla even needs ten to twelve huge factories.

More of a musk ceremony than a general meeting

Each of them should have a capacity of 1.5 million to 2 million electric vehicles a year, the Tesla boss said, without setting a target date. Overall, the company can produce between 15 million and 24 million vehicles annually, making it by far the largest manufacturer in the world based on today’s numbers. official Tesla’s goal is to produce 20 million electric cars by 2030. At the start of the AGM, Chairman Robin Denholm said good progress had been made on the way there.

After the event, the head of investor relations wrote that it was not just a public meeting and more of a rock concert for Tesla supporters. As usual, the official part was dealt with quickly. subordinate Increasing the number of shares in preparation for another division Shareholders agreed according to preliminary results. However, two Tesla proposals that needed a two-thirds majority were not implemented: reducing the term of board membership from three to two years and eliminating special rules for certain votes.

Tesla CEO, Musk, as usual, was full of optimism, joking and interacted intensely with the audience. After noting that there might be an announcement of another Giga plant later this year, he asked where it would be built. Several locations cried out from the crowd, and Musk noted that he often heard Canada. He himself, half Canadian, said, “Maybe I should?”. It was clearly not a definition. But according to reports, Musk had already confirmed internally in June that another Tesla plant was planned in North America, citing the USA, Canada or Mexico as possible locations.

Tesla boss: 12 factories would be perfect

So there may be news about that soon. But even with six Gigafactories (only four of which produce electric cars), Tesla still lacks enough capacity to meet its 20 million target. In a question-and-answer session later at the shareholder meeting, Musk said that 12 plants, each with a capacity of 2 million cars per year, would be the “ideal number,” so it appears to be at the higher end of the range. The CEO described the main plant in Fremont as offshore. Not called GigafactoryBecause the batteries are not manufactured there or combined into rechargeable batteries. It can’t be expanded much more than that, but according to Musk, it could at least produce 800,000 electric cars per year.