I expected Lufthansa The first Boeing 787-9 in August or September. The aircraft bears the name of the Baptistery of Berlin and the license plate D-ABPA. It is also now clear what is the name of the German airline’s second Dreamliner: Frankfurt am Main.

The device is registered as D-ABPD. It will adopt the baptismal name Frankfurt am Main from an Airbus A380 with registration number D-AIMA, which was previously called but frozen in Teruel, Spain. Lufthansa wrote that the second Lufthansa 787 has already received its paint and is expected to join the fleet “in the next few months”.

The second designation of the A380

Lufthansa’s first 787 also takes the name Berlin from the A380. The super jumbo named after the German capital is officially called D-AIMI.

In the gallery above you can see the D-ABPD.