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5000 4,680 batteries per week this year> teslamag, de

Among the previously submitted questions that CEO Elon Musk asked at Tesla’s annual general meeting on Thursday are likely to be after Geopolitical risks between the United States and China It has been. He said hesitantly that he hoped for peace and mutual respect. Musk also described answering the question of how production of Tesla’s self-developed 4680 batteries would progress as difficult, but at least a purely technical issue. The CEO now expects it to be mass produced at the end of this year. According to him, this is still timely, because by 2022 Tesla will have enough batteries for 1.5 million electric cars.

Five thousand 4,680 batteries per week in late 2022

Musk had already made a similar statement in the conference call about Q2 2022 numbers: Die 4680 batteries won’t be important until 2023 Because there are enough suppliers available this year, he said. But now it’s not just getting more specific with capacity specifications for 1.5 million electric vehicles. Musk also said he expects to mass produce a battery in-house by the end of this year.

Twitter watchers interpreted that as 5,000 full battery packs per week, or about 250,000 per year, which is also the first Intermediate Destination for Model Y of Germany’s new giant factory and the United States, depending on capacity per vehicle, this would equate to between 15 and 20 GWh of annual production of 4,680. Originally, Tesla was targeting 10 GWh at the Fremont pilot plant by the end of 2021 and 100 GWh worldwide by the end of This year.

Musk said on Thursday that it is difficult to predict when the already mentioned “large size” will be reached. However, he is confident that the target increase is possible, possibly by the end of this year. Then there should really be 4,680 batteries from the Tesla plant in Texas, because for the pilot plant at Fremont SVP, Drew Baglino named 1,000 batteries before the end of the year as a target in July, much less. Battery production in Texas is expected to start in the current quarter and be higher than battery production in Fremont before the end of the year.

Tesla with its own batteries and third-party batteries

Because Tesla in Texas after the first Model Y with a 4680 . battery In the meantime, as in the German factory, conventional batteries were used from the beginning, and a certain source had to be built in the meantime. Musk said Thursday that a respectable number of units are currently being produced each week. Battery shipments for the 1.5 million electric cars he mentioned should match Tesla’s target maximum value for this year if all else goes smoothly. After hitting a record in the first quarter of this year, production and deliveries fell in the second quarter because the factory in China was initially only able to produce on a very limited basis. In June it set a new record and was rebuilt in July to increase capacity.