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Lukas Steber broke his own US discus record

Lukas Steber broke his own US discus record

Lukas Stieber, a player for Union Salzburg, was able to throw the discus to a height of 55.44 metres, which is four meters more than his previous personal best.

Just two weeks ago, Steber set a personal record of 51.23 metres, and on Thursday he actually did just that at the Bobcat Invitational at Texas State University. With a distance of 55.44 metres, the 24-year-old, who studies at Harding University, broke the discus throw record set by his coach Ernest Grossinger (52.06 metres). In Salzburg's all-time rankings, only Franz Chimera is best with a distance of 57.74 metres.

Congratulations to a world-class thrower

In the competition in Texas, Steber had a real run, four throws surpassing his previous best. Olympic and World Cup medalist Lukas Weißhaidinger also congratulated him via Instagram. For Ernst Grossinger, this explosion in performance is not surprising: “The American sports system provides ideal conditions. Sports are very important there, and there are scholarships and a wonderful infrastructure.”

Just a few days ago, another thrower discovered by Grossinger in the USA took advantage of these conditions to execute a big throw: javelin thrower Lorenz Waldbauer reached 70.71 metres, close to his previous record (72.38). At the meeting in Texas, one of the club members from Salzburg was the first to congratulate Lukas Stieber: Angela Forster studies in Buffalo and will compete in her specialty in the high jump on Saturday.