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Linda Fah makes a disgusting discovery in organic vegetables

Linda Fah makes a disgusting discovery in organic vegetables

Seeing this will make you lose your appetite instantly!

Former Miss Switzerland Linda Fah (36) wants to treat herself to a special healthy meal before the Christmas feast: cabbage leaves. The singer bought organic kale from Migros.

If you buy vegetables that have not been sprayed, you should assume that one or two insects have gnawed on them. Linda Fah also had to go through this experience.

She documented her terrifying discovery on Instagram: a caterpillar!

However, she discovered the little animal too late. “When you buy organic food from Migros and don't see it until it's baked. I washed and cut it too. Mmmmm…”

The mother of a toddler won't reveal whether she ate the rest of the cabbage after all. So why not order a pizza or a kebab…

She has undergone the ultimate harmony test with her husband, Marco Datwiler (40). “Who is more passionate about cleaning?” “Who is more consistent in raising children?” and “Who is the head of the TV remote?”

For the fourth question, Linda Fah was unable to solve the problem. “Who is most likely to bring breakfast to the other person in bed?” The questioner wants to know.

The former Miss Switzerland couldn't stop laughing. Husband Marco explains to the audience: “It's so far from reality at the moment. It's so surreal!”

Since the arrival of baby Leo (1), it seems like the two haven't had any time for romantic moments.

Linda Fah and Marco Datwiler have been married for six years. Their son Leo was born in December 2022.

The woman from eastern Switzerland was elected Miss Switzerland in 2009. In 2010 she represented Switzerland in the Miss Universe contest. Since then, the 36-year-old has worked as a pop singer.