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This is how you use different sponges

This is how you use different sponges

Perfect skin

Sponge is a great helper in your makeup routine.

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So that the skin is like this equally And Flawless It seems possible, it is important Concealer, foundation, contour And his partners too blind. any Makeup sponge Here we explain what its function is.

Department for several years Makeup artists And beauty lovers on Egg-shaped beauty blender With a little advice. With him you can institution And makeup Work perfectly in the skin and A large area a job. Thanks to great Are you about to apply? The hidden ones Also on Narrower spaces Such as around the nose and eyes. It can also help others Liquid or creamy consistency Such as bronzer, contour, or blush precise To apply and blend.

Next to the egg you will find Connected Or in pharmacy Plus some other makeup sponges. You can do it like this Progressing:

  • Flat side makeup egg: You can use it like a regular egg. The flat side also makes it easy to apply powder products.

  • Flat sponge: It can also be used to cover large areas quickly and easily, which is why it's well suited for foundation, powder, etc.

  • Small and triangle sponge: It helps you work very precisely and reach difficult areas (for example, between the eyes and nose) or work on small areas (for example, with blush, highlighter and cream eyeshadow).

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