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London police arrest the second man

London police arrest the second man

London police have arrested a second suspect over a dismantled stop sign containing alleged Banksy artwork. The Metropolitan Police said the man was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of theft and criminal damage. According to investigators, the man's age ranges between 40 and 50 years.

The stop sign was removed in broad daylight for people to watch.Image: Cornerstone

The first suspect was arrested on Saturday. The man, aged between 20 and 30, was released on bail and is scheduled to appear again in mid-March. The traffic signal has been changed so as not to endanger anyone.

The stop sign showed three drone-like aircraft. Pictures of the work were uploaded to Banksy's official Instagram account on Friday. This is how a Briton usually announces his authorship. After just one hour, the post had received more than 270,000 likes.

epa11042901 Local Londoners photograph the replaced stop sign on Commercial Road in Peckham, south London, Britain, December 24, 2023. The stop sign has been replaced in place of a stop sign stolen from Banksy...

The replaced stop sign also appears to still be of interest.Image: Cornerstone

A short time later, two men ran the stop sign. It was not clear who they were and why they did this. Investigators said they were aware of the videos shared in the case. They called on witnesses to come forward with information.

Banksy, who works anonymously, is one of the most famous contemporary artists. He did not initially give a title to the stop sign photos. The artist could have specifically opposed the use of drones to kill people. The United States is accused of using Predator drones to kill suspected terrorists. (SAW/SDA/DPA)

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