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Leni Klum posts a sweet declaration of her love for Aris Rashevsky

Leni Klum posts a sweet declaration of her love for Aris Rashevsky


Leni Klum posts a sweet declaration of love for her boyfriend

Leni Klum and Aris Rashevsky celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. They let their fans share their joy through adorable Instagram posts.


Already in the mood for Santa Claus: Lenny and Ares are fooling around on Instagram.


  • Leni Klum (19) has been in steady hands for four years.

  • She and ice hockey player Aris Rashevsky (19) have been a couple for four years.

  • Klum repeatedly lets her fans share her happiness on Instagram – something that doesn’t sit well with some of the young model’s fans.

Leni Klum (19) and Aris Rashevsky (19) celebrate their wedding anniversary together. The two have been a happy couple for four years now. To celebrate the occasion, the model shared some photos on her Instagram account and wrote a beautiful declaration of love to her partner under one of the posts.

The 19-year-old filmed her boyfriend sleeping on his stomach and shared the moment with her fans. “Happy 4th anniversary my sleeping beauty,” she wrote in the caption. The model completes her love letter with the words “I love you.” Followers are excited for the young couple and are treating them happily in love. “So beautiful, congratulations,” comments one fan. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” another fan writes.

On to another job The couple can be seen together. The two face toward the camera as Rashevsky wears shaving cream around his mouth and on his cheeks.

Many fans are jealous of Leni Klum’s boyfriend

The relationship between Heidi Klum and Rashevsky’s daughter has been in the public eye since 2021. The two repeatedly provide insightful information about their relationship on their Instagram accounts.

What is striking are the numerous comments from fans who clearly envy Rashevsky’s love for Lenny. “You should be with me, not him,” she said several times in the comments on Klum’s posts. Others think it looks too small. “The main thing is that Leni loves him,” another user wrote. But among all the envious people there are also positive things to read: “You are a cute couple. Congratulations on your four-year-old,” one fan wrote.

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