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No talks between Newey and Ferrari?

No talks between Newey and Ferrari?

8:47 AM

No talks between Newey and Ferrari?

At least that's what Newey's manager Eddie Jordan claims On his podcast Success formula. There he says it is “a mistake” for Newey to definitely move to another team after his time at Red Bull.

Specifically, it concerns a report that Newey will go to Ferrari. “I'm speaking as someone who should know,” Jordan recalled, stressing that he could confirm “this type of discussion never happened.”

In the future there will of course be discussions about Niue's future, but at the moment he doesn't know what he wants to do. Accordingly, he has no idea what will happen next in Niue.

Reports that Newey will go to Ferrari are certainly “inaccurate”, says Jordan, who again clarifies: “There is no inclination to take a particular path at the moment.”

9:44 AM

Piastri: There is no pressure from Norris' successes

Lando Norris has been responsible for McLaren's biggest highlights so far this year. Oscar Piastri was somewhat overshadowed by the Briton, but stressed that he did not feel any additional pressure because of it.

“I think the last two weekends were very strong for me. Especially at Imola. In Miami, there were some things I could have done better, but Imola was a very good weekend, from start to finish,” he explained.

This is ultimately more important to him than the pure end result. “So I'm not putting too much pressure on myself, I think it will work itself out,” he said of his first Grand Prix win, which he is currently still waiting for.

“Under different circumstances, the results over the last two weekends could have looked very different,” he recalls, explaining that he would simply “continue as he did the last few weekends.”

Then it will work out for him at some point.

9:29 AM

Verstappen: This is why Ferrari will be strong in Monaco

And something else from the world champion's media tour yesterday. After Helmut Marko had already stated that Ferrari would likely be Red Bull's main opponent in Monaco, Verstappen took the same line.

He explains: “Ferrari is very good at dealing with curbs and bumps. Your car balances very well over these bumps. You can also see that, the car moves very well without the rear end swerving or you losing control of the car.”

This is an important factor in Monaco. “They have been very strong in these areas for several years, and that plays a bigger role at some circuits than at others, but it is clearly an advantage here,” Verstappen said.

However, McLaren should not be underestimated either, because the Woking team currently has a “very strong car”, the Dutchman confirms.

9:15 am

Verstappen: Our good roads are still to come

Exciting: Although Max Verstappen has finished on pole in all seven races so far this year and won five of them, he confirms that the really good tracks for Red Bull are still to come.

“The recent races have been on tracks where tire wear is very low and that is definitely not in our favour,” he explains. “When you race on tracks where you have to make two pit stops or where you do a lot of tire management ‘for the sake of pitting’, that is definitely better for us.”

Because tire management is actually one of Red Bull's great strengths, which is why Verstappen explains: “I always have the feeling that at the beginning of the season we don't get the roads to suit us.”

Verstappen said: “It is clear that Suzuka has moved up the calendar and this is a good track for us. But most of the other tracks at the beginning of the season are not ideal for us.”

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Training day

Hello and welcome to the new edition of our Formula 1 live stream. The media day is over and today we finally start practice on the legendary track in Monaco!

FT1 starts at 1:30pm, FT2 at 5:00pm, and in the middle there is a press conference for the team bosses, and here at the Index you are, as always, very close to the action in the paddock until the evening hours.

Robin Zimmerman He will accompany you throughout the day and if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints you can use our contact form. You can also find us on Facebook, X, Instagram And Youtube. here we are!

Here you can read yesterday's live tape again!

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