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Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce’s first public kiss

Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce’s first public kiss

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It has been rumored for some time that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are a couple. Now the singer has publicly shown her love with a kiss.

November 12, 2023 at 10:21 pm13 November 2023, at 01:19

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Recently, rumors about a possible love relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have spread in the media. The singer and the NFL star have been spotted together every now and then. At a concert, the musician put an end to speculation with a very clear gesture.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey have kissed in public for the first time, and it looks like they’ve finally confirmed their relationship. After her concert in Buenos Aires on November 11, the singer ran into the arms of the American football player who was standing on the side of the stage and kissed him passionately. The audience couldn’t believe it, and the viewers cheered and clapped enthusiastically. Many videos of this moment are circulating on social networks, including X, formerly Twitter.

“The greatest love story of all time”

Fans could not contain their joy at this public confession of love. “From the way she ran into his arms – you can see she is truly in love,” one user wrote on X. It’s a very beautiful moment. “The two of them just belong together,” another person commented. Another user said: “We are witnessing the greatest love stories ever here!”

The couple were previously seen having dinner together in the Argentine capital. There are also several photos and videos online that show Swift and Kelsey walking into the restaurant holding hands while other guests cheer them on.

Taylor Swift performed at Argentina’s River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires on Saturday evening. The 33-year-old singer is in Argentina as part of her ‘The Eras Tour’ world tour and was scheduled to perform there from November 9-11. However, after her Friday evening concert was postponed due to bad weather, she will reschedule her concert for Sunday. It sold more than 200,000 tickets and all three shows sold out immediately, the York Times wrote.

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