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Fiber optic submarine cable to connect Africa to Australia

Fiber optic submarine cable to connect Africa to Australia

In the future, a fiber optic submarine cable will connect Africa directly to Australia. As a developer, Google Cloud wants to improve internet access in a part of the world that is by far the most poorly connected.


Google Cloud announced the investment on Thursday In a blog post at. “Anchored in Kenya, the Umoja cable route will cross the Indian Ocean to Australia through Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, including the Google Cloud region,” writes the Alphabet-owned company. . Through terrestrial cable will be developed in conjunction with fluid intelligence technologies. It should also enable access points for other countries. Kenya has recently repeatedly faced the challenge of severe outages, Google explained. “Umoja” is the Swahili word for unity.

“By strengthening our digital backbone, we not only improve reliability, but also pave the way for greater digital integration, innovation and economic opportunity for our people and companies,” said the President of the Republic of Kenya, Dr. William S. Ruto.

Google also wants to intensify its collaboration with Kenya's Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy. Part of this includes strengthening cyber security, promoting digital learning and enabling safe use of AI.

American media Bloomberg suspects a deeper strategy: “The continent is growing together A new arena of global competition influence in the technology and connectivity sectors.” Finally, Microsoft is also present this week A billion dollar investment to improve technology infrastructure declared.

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