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The Sims 4: A new team to address technical issues

The Sims 4: A new team to address technical issues

After ten years and about 70 DLC, some issues have accumulated with The Sims 4. EA now wants to address these issues with a specially created team.

The Sims 4 is now ten years old, and after countless DLC and expansions, the basic structure seems to have become a bit messed up. The game now has a lot of technical issues in the first place. But this does not seem to hurt the popularity of the classic.

Electronic Arts has now seen this and announced via X/Twitter that they now want to address the issues. “Today we can announce that we have assembled a team that will invest in the core gaming experience, including the issues you reported.”

According to EA, a major push in bug fixes is expected to be released within the next six months. The first patch is scheduled to be installed this month, with others to follow at intervals of about two months.

On the official website, EA also has “Laundry list“, which can also be read the statement mentioned in it. In the article, Electronic Arts also lists some issues that will be addressed in the near future.

The Sims 4 seems to be bringing enough money into EA's coffers that, before long, they're making more of an effort. Not necessarily typical, with the somewhat unsuccessful PC versions of Wild Hearts or Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, EA quickly halted any further effort after the initial updates and left both games in a mixed state.

It's still unclear when we can expect a successor to The Sims 4. Reports about the game, such as potential free-to-play or initial testing phases, emerge from time to time, but The Sims 5 has yet to be officially introduced.

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