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Leipzig: The defamation trial against musician Gil Ofarim begins

Leipzig: The defamation trial against musician Gil Ofarim begins

Leipzig Regional Court

Accusation of anti-Semitism – the trial of Gil Ofarim begins

The musician said he was kicked out of a hotel because of his Jewish faith. The musician is now being tried – the prosecutor’s office has charged him.


The defamation trial against musician Gil Ofarim begins in Leipzig. (archive photo)

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  • Gil Ofarim (39 years old) posted a video clip on Instagram in which he accused a receptionist at a Leipzig hotel of anti-Semitism.

  • But surveillance video captured the musician and showed that he may not have been visibly wearing the necklace that evening.

  • He was then charged by the Leipzig Public Prosecutor’s Office and is now on trial.

More than two years After allegations of anti-Semitism By Gil Ofarim Against a hotel employee in Leipzig, the defamation trial against the musician begins on Tuesday (9am). At the beginning of the trial before the Leipzig Regional Court Great public interest is expected.

At the beginning of October 2021, Ofarim claimed in a video clip circulated online that an employee of the Westin Hotel in Leipzig asked him to take off a necklace with the Star of David upon his arrival. The accusations caused an uproar at the time.

Surveillance video shows “Picture on Sunday” It shows how the rock musician enters the hotel in question, discusses the matter with the receptionist and then leaves the building again. His open leather jacket and gray shirt are clearly visible in the video, but the chain holding the Star of David pendant cannot be seen.

False suspicions and slander

During his interrogation, Ofarim is said to have said that he could not say whether it was obvious that he was wearing the necklace that evening. The prosecutor’s office is convinced that the incident described by the 41-year-old did not happen in this way. Since the musician repeated his allegations to the police and reported them, he now has to respond to false suspicions and slander.

Investigations against the hotel employee who accused him were halted. He participates in the trial as a co-plaintiff.