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Kony and Manu Riemann are returning to Germany, and fans should be happy why

Kony and Manu Riemann are returning to Germany, and fans should be happy why

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Thanks to the company “Goodbye Germany” and its partners, the Reimann family became famous throughout the country. In the fall, immigrants return to their old homeland.

Oahu, Hawaii – About 20 years ago, Connie (67) and Manu (54) Reimann moved the center of their lives from Germany to the United States, initially seeking their fortune in Gainesville, Texas, but later moving to Hawaii. However, the couple has never forgotten their roots – and can therefore look forward to an emotional reunion with their old home.

Reason for joy: The Riemann family returns to Germany in the fall

Fans continue to wonder if the Reimann family could be brought back to Germany. This doesn’t seem out of the question. However, the two are now at home in Hawaii, where they live on a spacious estate against a paradisiacal backdrop. Kony and Manu have never forgotten their German homeland, the majority of their fans live there.

They have every reason to be happy: as the immigrant couple announced via Instagram and Co. In the spring, they will be visiting Germany together very soon – and with great news in their luggage: in “Sabbelstunde mit Konny”. Ryman fans have the opportunity to meet their favorite immigrants on their tour in one of 14 German cities. The events themselves take place in specially rented cinema halls.

Lesson the Ways with Connie: Tour dates at a glance

Offenbach (October 24)

Trier (October 25)

Mülheim (October 26)

Hannover (October 29)

Oldenburg (October 30)

Bremen (October 31)

Hamburg (November 1)

Wolfsburg (November 2)

Magdeburg (November 3)

Hall (November 4)

Würzburg (November 5)

Stuttgart (November 7)

Augsburg (November 9)

Munich (November 10)

“Construction projects, mishaps, funny episodes”: this is what Rayman fans can expect in “Sabbelstunde”

An on-site evening dedicated entirely to the Ryman family awaits visitors. The event’s website says: “In addition to your new book, you have plenty of stories and anecdotes and give insight into your unique life – with the boredom excluded. Whether it’s construction projects, mishaps, or funny episodes, it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t happen with a family.” Rayman.

Connie and Manu Riemann
Connie and Manuela Reimann have built their personal paradise in Hawaii, but there are signs of saying goodbye – albeit only for a short time: there are some tour dates in Germany in the fall © Screenshot/Instagram/Manuela Reimann

Connie and Manu will also be signing autographs and selling their own merchandise on their tour. Tickets for the events are in high demand and are already selling out in some places. Instead of being happy, other migrants now have to worry: Peggy Jerowski (47) and Steve Gerkel (53) fear for their home and bars because of the hurricane. Sources used:,,