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“Farmer looking for international woman”: A shy Swiss man has fun with three women

“Farmer looking for international woman”: A shy Swiss man has fun with three women

When your shyness becomes a problem: Swiss farmer Fritz has been living in France for 20 years and is now looking for the love of his life. However, he can barely open his mouth when it comes to his three candidates.

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  • Farmers all over the world are searching for their loved ones – one of them is the Swiss Fritz.
  • The 46-year-old has a farm in France and invites three women to his home. But Fritz is very shy, which ultimately leads to his downfall.
  • As for Heiko, who traveled to Brazil for farmer Ulrike, his situation was no better: his bag was lost on the way.

At the beginning of the dating in “Bauer sucht Frau International” was the Swiss farmer Fritz, who has been running a farm in France for 20 years. But getting to know his three women is difficult. With Yvonne and Fleur, the shy farmer can hardly open his mouth.

In the video call with Nadine, he immediately came out of cover and called the Swiss woman. The 46-year-old also wants to get to know Yvonne better. But after the one-on-one date, she doesn't want to anymore: “The spark didn't really fly. I'd like to let Fleur go first,” she says, dismissing the frustrated farmer.

When Fritz approached Flor as an alternative, she also firmly rejected him: “Thank you very much, but I am not a second choice!” There's only one left to go – but in the preview it looks as though Nadine could also step back.

He is only dressed lightly, but he can't help it

How do other participants deal with their loved ones? Hiko – out of necessity – doesn't hesitate for long. His bag got lost on the flight to Brazil, so he greeted farmer Ulrike in his underwear.

“And then there's a strange man sitting there in the morning in his underwear!” In Brazil, in the second episode of Bauer sucht Frau International (RTL), Ulrike almost had her throat caught when she saw her guest Heiko. He sits with her at the breakfast table, wearing very little clothing. “Aren't you cold?” the 57-year-old asks and quickly grabs something to wear for the veterinary office employee. “It was… I don't want to say it was a shock, but it was a little strange,” says the farmer's wife.

While the 56-year-old flirts shirtless, widow Ulrike still has a hard time flirting. “I have to learn how to enjoy these small gestures again,” says Ulrike. However, she thinks it's great that Hiko is expertly chopping bamboo in the garden: “Just as a musician can play the flute, I, as a trained butcher, can handle a knife so well,” Hiko is visibly proud. He sees himself “at the beginning of a love story”, while Ulrike remains reserved. But the 56-year-old has once again scored an orchid as a gift for flower lovers.

“She's more than a doll”

There's still a long way to go to the intimate togetherness of dairy farmer Peter Tyrolean's farm. The 33-year-old decides to first get to know undertaker Stephanie and industrial writer Alyssa better. For Lydia and Laura, the journey is already over. “Laura was going to cause trouble here,” the farmer says of the blonde, “I can't use that.”

They both find it difficult to get used to the fact that Peter keeps his two maids in one room. During the tour of the farm, mortician Stephanie shows that she knows how to use a manure fork, while Alyssa stands next to her with an uneasy look. “It's more like a doll,” Stephanie laughs.

The four single women whom Philipp, a Rasta fan, meets in Brandenburg are not puppets. The fact that in Togo they don't have running water, a washing machine, or any entertainment options (Applicant Jessica: “I go to a metal concert once a month”) worries applicants. But Carolyn, the construction worker, isn't bothered by this or the farmer's clothing: “He's dressed very strangely, but he looks much more attractive than he does in the video,” she says excitedly. Her luck: Philip chooses her and her yoga teacher, Susan.

A windowless room shocks the lady-in-waiting in Guatemala

Cocoa farmer Andreas also made a decision: the 63-year-old invited Petra and Ota to the farm week. But Yuta changed her mind in a short time and informed the farmer via WhatsApp. He invites the pragmatist Andreas Elke, who has already decided, and she accepts enthusiastically.

Before the two women arrived, Andreas was quite nervous. Windows are still missing in the room where his ladies were supposed to sleep. Workers are abandoning farms despite statements to the contrary. When Petra saw where she was supposed to spend the night after a long, eight-hour drive, she was amazed. “That was a blatant surprise,” she said. You come to a room without a window and in the forest. “I don't know what to think about it yet,” she says. The fact that there is no warm water or a mirror in the bathroom does not add to the euphoria.

The next episode of “Bauer sucht Frau International” is shown on Tuesday at 8:15 pm on RTL or RTL+.