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Jürgen Drews: The pop star suffers from a neurological illness

Jürgen Drews: The pop star suffers from a neurological illness

Jürgen Drews
The pop star suffers from a neurological disease

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Jürgen Drews answers with disturbing news. The test result for dementia was negative, but he suffers from a neurological disease.

Pop star Jurgen Drews, 76, also has to battle the dangers of aging. In an interview with ‘Bild’, the singer has now revealed that his memory was particularly worrying for him. But on the test, something else turned out: he has a neurological disease.

Jürgen Drews: The suspicion of primary dementia has not been confirmed

His forgetfulness has increased in recent years: “Of course it increases with age. Everything that does not interest me immediately disappears. I once said among my colleagues: ‘I think I will have dementia.’

Sometimes terms, names and places no longer occur to him, then he will need a keyword and only then the memory will return. When his driver takes him to a performance location, for example, he often doesn’t even know where he is. This, too, was no longer important to him. However, he went to therapy to detect a possible brain disease at an early stage. Druze relates:

“I had a dementia test at the neurologist. I wanted to know if I was at risk because my mother had signs of dementia at the end of her life.”

Fortunately, the suspicion with him was not confirmed. But the doctor diagnosed him with a nervous disorder. He was suffering from what’s called “peripheral neuropathy”: “Nerves can no longer do what they should.”

Neurological disease affecting his career

Which is why he did it without Drews’ rotary on stage, for example, because illness made her so shaky. “Jürgen Drews from earlier no longer exists!” How long he’ll be giving concerts at all, Drews can’t say exactly, “I used to go up on stage to prove myself. I wanted to treat my fears that way.” But today he no longer needs it. “If I stop, I’m leaving,” Drews says.

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