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Disgusting scene at McDonald's in Australia: Scooping fries

Powell (Australia) – Whether you want to fuel your body with greasy food at McDonald's is up to you. Nevertheless, customers have every right to expect a certain level of hygiene when visiting a fast food establishment. In a branch in Australia, this point is obviously sought, but unfortunately it is poorly implemented.

McDonald's branch manager caused a stir with this mop campaign. © Screenshot/TikTok/bobbylee620

A woman who took her son to a McDonald's restaurant in Powell, Australia in early April lost all appetite when she saw a display at the checkout.

As the eyewitness stood in line to pay, a disgusting incident happened in front of her and her son: an employee was standing at the counter filling fried potato sticks into regular red bags.

But instead of tending to the order of fries, the woman at the time was busy with a wet mop, which, according to customers, was previously used to clean the floor in the shop.

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In front of the guests, the employee, who was the manager of the restaurant according to his attire, placed the cloth under the warming lamp, which would otherwise prevent the fries from cooling, and over the already fried fries.


The customer is shocked by this unfortunate incident

This is not the first time McDonald's has received negative attention due to its hygiene. © Image Alliance / dpa

“I was standing there for my order when I saw it,” recalled the witness Yahoo News. Apart from being unsanitary, this practice also presented a certain degree of danger. It seems that one of the woman's colleagues also saw this.

“I heard an employee say, 'I don't think you should do that because it could be a safety hazard because it could catch fire,'” the customer said. The manager allegedly held the drip mop head under the French fries lamp for at least a minute when several orders of fries came in.

“I was absolutely shocked by what I saw and she laughed about it,” says the Australian. First she caught her Video Back to the incident, but she was forced to make the whole thing public. “It must be done,” she demands.

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The fast food chain has also now commented on the disgusting incident at Poowal. As a result of the “isolated case,” as McDonald's describes the situation, all employees at the affected branch were sent for thorough sanitation training.

“We will continue to work with the restaurant to ensure this does not happen again,” a company spokesperson promises.

This is not the first time the company has faced criticism for its cleanliness. It was not announced until mid-May Video In general, it shows a branch – also in Australia – that is completely rubbish.